6 Steps to Landing Big Fish Clients

In the last blog post we began our sequence on catching big clients, or "fish", that may sustain your company over the long term. Today we're going to take that a bit further by discussing how to understand and think like a big fish company and exactly how that will help you plan your plan of attack and see results.
Before you can start the process of landing large clients, you have to ensure your entire organization is onboard with your approach and vision. There are 6 keys to getting big customer success. They are:
1. First Impression: You have to bear in mind you have one opportunity to land a large customer. If you blow it, they aren't going to look at you again. Never give them a cause to doubt your abilities.
2. Top Priority: Your fish should constantly feel like they are your very first priority. Return telephone calls and emails instantly and find solutions to their issues or questions as quickly as you can.
3. Flexible: You need to be flexible in your discussions. If they require a special service or for you to personalize an item, agree for the reward of the long term association. A little inconvenience now will definitely pay off big later.
4. Long-term: As you are approaching and making a deal with big fish you should think about the long term advantages for your company. If you go for a one-time big score you will lose their interest.
5. Have Fun: Work should be fun, even when attempting to land large clients. In fact, this should be the most fun. You are sharing your vision with brand-new people and including them in your future prosperity. People just work better in a fun, happy surrounding. Your passion will also be contagious and pull the big fish into your vision more.
6. Help Them: If you take only a little bit of time and offer your customers means to save money or time by introducing them to potential company partners, this will certainly show you truly are committed and interested in their company. Strive to find balance between your business needs and your client's needs.
There are additionally a few tactics you can easily utilize to bring in a big-company vision to the people on your group. You can:
- Post these six keys for all to see.
- Put together a performance based incentive program.
- Conduct regular team meetings.
- Make use of a "right now" policy that dictates that big fish calls be answered instantly.
- Offer awards/recognition for big-company ideas and implementation.
- Put together a training and accreditation program based upon the six keys above.
These 6 keys and pointers may help you instill a big-company frame of mind through your company which may help you be more prepared and much more likely to land your big fish. The moment your team is thinking like this, you'll be unstoppable.

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